Thursday, April 28, 2011

Macklemore: Your New Favorite Rapper

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Whenever the topic of hip-hop comes up, I feel like have an obligation to spread Macklemore. Similar to Blue Scholars, he is out of Seattle, the new and unlikely city for some amazing hip-hop. Say what you will, Macklemore constantly puts out amazing music (epically since hooking up with producer Ryan Lewis) and can spit just as well as some of the best, but in a new way. His flow is on point, and they way he spits is almost like a spoken word poem. Being extremely down to earth (constantly cracking jokes and talking to fans), this guy can pour his heart out better than your run of the mill indie singer-songwriter. This is where I see hip-hop going.

Listen here if embedding is broken

^ His most notable song is about his struggle with substance abuse. Musically amazing, and content wise hard hitting. More songs like this need to be produced, because as a whole rap always glamorizes drug use (and hard drug use at that) and something needs to be done to "heal the wounds" so to speak, and this is just the beginning hopefully. This song is the best anti-drug ad I have ever heard because its not preaching, just giving you true, firsthand experience of what can happen with hard drugs. Don't go thinking that this is only some kind of "positive" "political" or "conscious" rap, it's simply a man speaking his mind and hoping you can find a message worth hearing in it.

(Clearly, you can see I'm a huge Macklemore fan haha)


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