Saturday, May 28, 2011

Open the Windows and Bump this.

Read the title. This song is an absolute Summer anthem. I must admit that I really like mash-ups, because they can take a song and give it a completely different vibe. This song specifically has an amazing feel, and just makes you want to skate around and chill with your friends. The album Mos Dub was a mash up of reggae dub (mashed up and spliced together from multiple sources) made by Max Tannone, the same dude behind Jaydiohead if you're familiar with it.

If you dig History Town, then Mos Def (hehehe... see what I did there) check out the rest of the album. Its up for free, and in high quality (direct download right here). 

Also check out (both are stand outs for me) :

Johnny Too Beef


P.S. There is also a Talib Kweli dub album. (Not as good as Mos Dub)


  1. Loved In My Math. Its a great song.

  2. this song makes me want to go to the beach