Monday, May 9, 2011

Sorry about the break....

Howdy. I apologize for the brief hiatus on the blog, but I got caught up in school, other activities and a Bob Dylan binge that led to me not listening to hip-hop, which means I can't post about what I'm listening to. So.... lets go!

YouTube embed code seems to be broken as of now. So... hyperlink!

DJ Shadow. If the topic of greatest DJ comes up with your friends, he is probably in there somewhere, and if he isn't, listen to more music or get new friends. Amazing turntablism, amazing sampling and superb drum breaks makes DJ Shadow one of, if not the, best DJs.

Above is the opening to the 1996 album "Endtroducing," what made him famous in the first place. Take notes DJs, this is how you open an album. Enjoy.


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